Kamuk Ladke Ka Lund

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Kamuk Ladke Ka Lund

My identify is Madhuri, I’m 42 years previous Divorced lady, I’m a authorities trainer, I’m lovely in look, curvy in addition to engaging, I’m 5’8″ tall and my determine measurement is 38–32–40 . This factor occurred after I was divorced for 2 years and I used to be doing trainer coaching, I used to be 32-33 years previous then and Rekha lived in Didi’s home. Kamuk Ladke Ka Lund

Rekha didi and I belong to the identical village and she or he lived within the metropolis along with her son Ranjan, Rekha didi was additionally a divorcee. Rekha didi lived in a small rented home with a sleeping room and a kitchen and her son Ranjan was then 23–24 years previous. And Ranjan was gora shaved, however was a badass of Abal quantity, it had been two days since I stayed there, then I got here to understand how Ranjan’s character is.

So it was summer time season and there was electrical energy going off and coming after hours, so one such evening I used to be in deep sleep, with Ranjan. Ranjan and I slept collectively on the bottom and Rekha didi on the mattress and after the ability went off, the sultry warmth started to interrupt me.

However after I broke my sleep, I noticed that my evening is up and my ass began to really feel like a chip within the crack. So I put my finger within the crack of my ass and stuck the evening, I take a look at my finger and scent it, then I perceive what that sticky factor is. However I did not say something to Ranjan, however the factor to consider was that Ranjan has develop into slightly too sizzling, and Ranjan ought to have.

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The subsequent day I assumed that I can’t sleep, I can’t keep awake, I have no idea when this Ranjan will get his cock in my ass and shakes his fist. In order quickly as evening fell, I lay down after consuming and closed my eyes and pretended to sleep, so I had gone late at evening and Ranjan was sleeping with me.

However I used to be getting sleepy, that is why I turned my again on Ranjan and Ranjan was not doing something. So I assumed perhaps Ranjan is not going to be within the temper at this time, then abruptly I noticed that Ranjan is elevating my evening. And Ranjan picked up my nightie, slid my panty down and pelted his sizzling cock into the crack of my ass… oops… Ranjan’s cock was too fats and massive.

Ranjan would rub his cock within the crack of my ass and unfold it between my sticky thighs, in order that Ranjan’s cock would rub towards my pussy. Sure, Ranjan saved rubbing his cock in my ass and pussy for a very long time.

After which Ranjan left his fist between my thighs and put my panty on the again, however the nightie left the identical and slept. Ranjan had given me a lot enjoyable inside and I used to be pondering, what if Ranjan had given me interior enjoyable. One, I too had not been killed for a very long time, as a result of which I used to be contemplating incorrect as proper, so at some point Rekha didi spoke to me.

Rekha Didi :- Madhuri will accompany me to my buddy’s daughter’s marriage ceremony?

Me :- No sister, I’ve to go to coaching.

Rekha Didi :- So go away for 2 days, do not you already know if yow will discover somebody for you.

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Rekha didi was proper, however I didn’t go pondering that as a result of I’ve been ruined in the identical affair earlier than, and I simply needed a job. So Rekha didi requested Ranjan as nicely, Ranjan additionally refused, then Rekha didi simply requested Ranjan to drop her on the station within the morning and Ranjan went to drop Rekha didi within the morning.

So I had left for coaching that day after making ready meals, and I used to be pondering at the moment that at this time, tomorrow and day after day Rekha didi is not going to be there. Why not benefit from the chance, so I introduced biryani for Ranjan and me on my method again from coaching, which Ranjan favored very a lot. And in addition to three viagra capsules and a pack of Kamasutra condoms, I had all the things prepared that evening earlier than I went to sleep about when and the way I needed to begin.

In order that evening I used to be sporting solely nighti and nothing else, in order that Ranjan wouldn’t face any drawback, after consuming biryani I made Sarbat for Ranjan. Wherein a tablet of Viagra was put and Ranjan had drank it, now I simply needed to sleep on the pretext of sleeping. So I fell asleep and began pretending to sleep in a deep sleep, Ranjan had taken out his cock and was caressing, I used to be figuring out all the things.

So I used to be straight asleep and Ranjan was slowly touching my nipples, after which Ranjan put his hand inside seeing my nightly button open. And my nipples began urgent slowly, my nipples had develop into tight and Ranjan was urgent the identical nipples, now I can not stay and I spoke to Ranjan.

Me :- Now press laborious, Ranjan.

Ranjan obtained scared and took out his hand and turned his face to the opposite aspect and advised me that.

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Ranjan :- Hey aunty do you know?

Me :- Sure Ranjan… Now do not be shy and do what you had been doing.

So I obtained down my nightie for Ranjan and lay down utterly bare after which when Ranjan noticed me, I additionally obtained bare seeing me bare. Ranjan got here on high of me and whereas urgent my massive nipples, I began sucking my mouth and I began sucking.

Me :- Uffff… eeess… aaah… Ranjan Suck and suck I can’t cease you at this time.

Ranjan :- Ummmh… Ummm… eeeess… Mami, your nipples are very cool, I do maintain tight.

Ranjan was sucking my nipples a lot that I forgot that Ranjan is my nephew and I’m his maternal uncle. Ranjan began taking place whereas sucking, licking my nipples, and put his tongue in my navel and stated whereas licking my navel.

Ranjan :- Llammmm… uummmm… eeeess… mummy I used to be loopy to lick it… ummhh…, obtained an opportunity at this time.

Me:- eeess… oops… oh! Ranjan .

Ranjan licked my navel and began taking place, I used to be going loopy, then Ranjan raised each my legs. And began sucking my clumsy pussy and I sobbed.


Ranjan:- Ummmah…Lilmmmm…Let me lick it mama, I will have full style of yours…ummmah.

Ranjan unfold each my legs utterly and was licking my ass gap together with my pussy and Ranjan was licking very soiled. Ranjan was inserting his tongue very deeply into my pussy and was additionally sucking the cleat of my pussy, utterly sucking and sucking me water-water. After that Ranjan needed to place his cock in my pussy, however I bid Ranjan. “Kamuk Ladke Ka Lund”

Me :- Ranjan Wait- wait I’ve one thing.

And I let Ranjan take out the condom from underneath the pillow after which Ranjan put the condom in his cock and put each my legs on his shoulders. After which Ranjan, rubbing his cock in my pussy, set his cock and put it inside and I sobbed.

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Me :- eeeess… aaah… Ranjan Kitna Mast Lund Hai Re Tera.

Ranjan:- Everybody has develop into like this after seeing you, ahahhah….

Ranjan began to fuck me, Ranjan’s cock was going utterly inside my pussy and was thapa-tapping… Ranjan used to fuck somebody previously as nicely, and I used to be understanding this from Ranjan’s type of fucking. Seeing my nipples bouncing up and down, Ranjan grabbed them with each his fingers and was getting fucked in my pussy, each of us had been drenched with sweat. And Ranjan’s cock was getting my pussy moist, I used to be having fun with it after years, Ranjan turned me the wrong way up after kissing my pussy and advised me,

Ranjan :- Eeesus… Mamma, you may have such a cool ass, Ummah… Ummmh.

Me :- Uffff… eeess… Ranjan did not assume you’ll become such a giant participant.

Ranjan was not stopping and my ass was being licked by spreading my ass, Ranjan and I had been placing my tongue within the gap of my ass too.

Me :- eeesus… aaah… oh!… Ranjan spoiled my situation at this time eeesus…

Ranjan:- Ummmh… Ummm… Right this moment I will provide you with full compensation Ummmh… Lillimm…

Ranjan obtained up after licking my ass and climbed on me and inserted his cock in my pussy and from the entrance grabbed each of my nipples. And with power my pussy began dying.

Ranjan was pushing loudly. Uff… It appeared as if somebody was repeatedly hitting the nail within the gap of the wall with a hammer and popping out. The entire room was reverberating each bit, and the sweaty our bodies of each of us had been rubbing towards one another and the scent was additionally coming.

I couldn’t deal with Ranjan’s weight for a very long time and lay down straight and this Ranjan nonetheless continued to fuck me, after which Ranjan pushed 4 or 5 loudly. And Ranjan took out his cock, threw the condom in my ass and threw his sizzling fist in my ass and lay down on the aspect and began respiration peacefully. “Kamuk Ladke Ka Lund”

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That evening each my pussy and ass had been moist, even after that I saved tightness late evening with Ranjan’s cock in my mouth and I didn’t know after I slept. However the subsequent morning after I go, I’ll see that I’m sleeping on Ranjan’s cock, from which the scent of condom taste was coming, and in such a state of affairs the place would I cease. I began sucking Ranjan’s 7.5 inch cock in my mouth early within the morning and Ranjan was additionally awake and he was saying it in full enjoyable.

Ranjan :- eeeess… aaah… mami is not going to go to coaching at this time?

Me :- Ummmh…uummmm…at this time is Sunday you do not know what?

Ranjan :- Oh! Nicely then I will be climbing all day.

Vicky used to fuck me fiercely within the absence of his mom i.e. my Sarla didi and so long as I used to be there, Vicky used to fuck with me quite a bit.

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